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Strand Annex, 20080921I don’t have much in the way of edited content today though there is a things to write about queue that grows every day. Today was definitely a Monday and I just didn’t get the time I wanted to edit here. It’s something I’m working on scheduling a bit better into my day. I want to write more about what I read and do a more polished job about it. Thus, I should give it higher priority than it’s received the past couple of months. I’ll try. In any case, today’s post is a bunch of pieces that mostly tie together but do a poor job at it. I expect this post to unravel pretty quickly. You’ve been warned.

Item the first: the android app for craflit is now available! Craftlit the podcast for crafters who love books. I downloaded it yesterday and haven’t had a chance to do more than that. Disclaimer: I often advise Heather on some technical and web needs, but I downloaded this because I started listening long before we entered into that relationship and I have an android device.

Item the second: Overdrive Media Console, the software that most public libraries use to help deliver digital content to its patrons has options for many portable devices as well as windows and mac. The Android App now supports Adobe

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  1. Can I at least get an offline answer about in what context you expect them to offend? I’ve read almost if not all of Heinlein’s stuff. Not that I would read it all again, necessarily, but I have. . .

    And I want to say that Spider Robinson is the one who wrote Heinlein’s last book (from detailed notes and possibly a partly written ms? I forget. I also forget the title, but it was good. The big shot’s kid (age 7?) was Evelyn or some such. She helps the protagonist steal a ship? OK, I’m officially rambling.)

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the android app! I’ve been waiting for them to finally get around to this. Now if they will just take care of the audiobook issue …

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