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Ping and the LBYS PenguinsThis post is a bit lighter on the E Sweater Details than I first planned, so I’ll start off with some distractions. I’ve been working hard on E’s socks and I took a darning needle out for a date this afternoon and helped seam together some squares 7×9 inch rectanges for the Warm Up America afghans the LBYS is putting together. They are having a big joining party this Sunday. I don’t know if I can make it there then, but I wanted to help, at last count I heard they collected nearly 1400 afghan blocks. So I sat there doing something I dislike very much — seaming — for a very good cause. It was great practice since I knit most things seamless and I felt that I did some good in this season of consumption. I didn’t get as much done as I thought I might, I tend to be the “unofficial employee” and just can’t keep my mouth shut and try to help people if the awesome Staff are stretched with lots of customers, but they haven’t kicked me out yet…

If you are able to show up to the Studio on Sunday and help out, I’m sure that everyone would appreciate it.

As you can see from the photo above, Ping had a play date with their Penguins while I was otherwise occupied. Isn’t the new window awesome? I’m not sure all their names yet.

So, some write up on E’s sweater.

After gifting him his first sweater last year, the discussion immediately turned to the next one and all the improvements I would make. He requested a V neck with non-raglan shaping in a thinner yarn than the very cozy Wool-Ease. I begged for hems anywhere I could put them. I knew it would be top down, as I had acquired Barbara Walker’s classic, Knitting from the Top. My eyes were drawn to the simultaneous set-in sleeve, a variation on Basic Design No. 7.

We looked at yarn and price tags. I really wanted to use some LBC Superwash Merino, but alas there is no grey. We went with Knit Picks Telemark in Charcoal Heather, it’s a nice sport weight that I enjoyed working with.

After the true beginning of discussing E’s sweater wish list with him and deciding that it would be a V neck out of sport weight it was time to grab the needles and swatch.

See, proof.

E's Sweater, the beginnings

What, you don’t swatch? I admit I rarely do so in the traditional manner, but in a project such as E’s sweater 3.0 you need to have some idea of what number of stitches to cast on because Barbara Walker provides guidelines and it’s up to the knitter to make decisions at every step of the way. It is crucial in establishing the number of stitches to cast on.

Using 3.25mm needles, my swatch measured 21stiches and 28 rows over 4 inches.

I also pulled out my knitting sketch book and diagrammed out the garment and took measurements from a store bought sweater than my husband loved to pieces.

E's Sweater, the beginnings

Next week: maths. and more maths. (preview above)

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  1. Don’t you just love the design process! I love the time spent just mulling things over, swatching, knitting, reknitting … it’s so satisfying!

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