A few photos were taken of E’s sweater after a day at the office, however, Thursdays are difficult days for me on the good ones. Today definitely earned a place of honour (nothing evil, just ick all day). In any case, it is after 9pm and I’ve not even looked at the photos on the camera let alone edit anything that I’ve written.

So you have to wait until next Wednesday. Sorry. There are ways to find sketches of my notes on the sweater. They’re not hard to find. (Hint: click).

I’m beginning some long-range planning for what will appear here.

camera self portrait mirror funOne of the posts I plan, with my limited skills and consulting with my husband for educated advice and and building upon his experience in photography, is how I take photos of inanimate objects and what I’ve found works and what doesn’t. You don’t need anything special, though are welcome to purchase expensive equipment if you wish. My setup isn’t ideal, but I think it works quite well for an amateur. I will not be covering food photography.

I do, however, want to customize and offer a few small extras for my readers. If you can let me know the make & model of the camera you use (or hope someone will soon gift you with) please leave it in the comments. If you’ve never commented before or I don’t know you in real life I can’t guarantee I’ll add in an extra for your camera, but I might.

To start the list, I use a Canon SD1100.

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  1. I have an old-style Olympus Stylus digital. It’s around 8 years old. I learned a lot about digital photography from this ol’ point ‘n’ shoot. My early Cabin Cove photos were all taken with it up until 2007.

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