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E’s sweater is done and gifted. As it was for his 30th birthday (which was in February) I do not count it as a gift for this holiday of lights. We don’t do gifts. But it was a really nice convenient trigger deadline.

I do not, however, have modelled shots of the blocked garment. Today, the high in the NYC area, despite lots of rain and high winds, was 59°! I hope to get some photos tomorrow and will try to post something more then. I’m not sure what manner the writing will take. We’ll just have to wait and see.

e's sweater, progress

????? ??? ??? ??????.

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  1. YAY !!! Congratulations! Now you need to offer me moral support and motivation so I will take the book back out of the library. EZ seems to think the whole process is simple and easy.

  2. Modelled photo, pretty please with a cherry on top!!!

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