new game or snuggles

dear shadow,

we do not like this new game you play, darting into the garage whenever the the door from the house is opened. so far everyone has been ok, but too many things could go wrong. while you like corners, you don’t stay in them for very long, so starting today you have to wear your collar again. you didn’t like it last time, and we were soft and let you get away without it. but we’re scared. outside the house is a big world full of adventure, but we don’t want you out without a collar (and ideally a harness/leash).

we care about you and would much rather you took out your frustrations that we’ve been really busy and haven’t played with you as much as we should on the insides of our shoes instead.

you get lots of snuggles but we know it’s not enough.

we’re sorry and hope with more play time in the house you don’t want to go exploring in places you shouldn’t.


~ the penguins

i’m very frustrated with shadow right now, it took over ten minutes to get him out of the garage last night. he flew over the last half of the stairs in an instant surprising both e and i. each evening when e comes home i have to chase shadow into my office so that he can open the door and get into the house, shadow scratches the door and meows for him and wants, out. he was uninterested in the red dot (aka laser pointer) because the garage has so many very awesome smells. i’ve been very lax with his collar and am scared he’ll dart out of the house. i’m scared it will happen late at night.

in any case i’m going to spend more time playing with him and leave you with the absolute cutest kitten video i’ve seen this week. thanks boing boing!

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  1. Poor kitty, he’s just wanting to explore. Did you have him micro-chipped? Both my cats have them.
    One thing you can do is carry a little water gun or water bottle (or leave it inside the garage door), and spray him as you open the door. Think scare tactics. This worked for training Dusty.
    I hope he can read your note…:)

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