socks, shawl, and a sweater… at stitches

I went to Stitches for my birthday and I came home with socks*, a shawl, and a sweater. Wanna see?

E's new socks a shawl? my new sprossling sweater

(If you hover over the pictures you’ll see the titles I posted for them on flickr, click to go to flickr and embiggen)

I don’t often post about my stash acquisitions. It makes me feel too consumerist. However a birthday trip with yarn left me very happy, and I wanted to share. I’m sorry that your monitors do not have tactile abilities. You are definitely missing out.

My photos do not do these fibres justice. There are three skeins of the Madeline Tosh Merino Light. It’s mostly dark forest greens and there are hints of purple. It will become Sprössling. I must finish E’s sweater first, every time I sit down to rework the maths I realize I have not had enough coffee. I really need to finish it as he came home and showed me that his favourite store bought sweater has a HUGE hole under the arm and I’m not sure how to salvage it except to turn it into a vest.

* The socks are theoretically for E, he chose the yarn, but since he has yet to actually wear either of the two pairs I’ve knitted for him, well, I’ll make darn sure I can rework the foot length just for me in case.