thank you


when i was nine i didn’t always know when you were teaching me a very useful lesson. nor did any of us expect that sunny sunday afternoon would be the last one the three of us would have together. from you i learned about hard work, creative approaches to solving problems, that there wasn’t anything i couldn’t do if i tried, how to love wood and woods, how to listen, how to love, how to care for those around me, and so many things i can’t put into words. you taught me to be me. every day i’m thankful for the short time we had together. it wasn’t enough. i’m sad that you and mommy didn’t go to the doctor and we didn’t know you were so sick. you took such care of me, i wish i could have taken care of you. i miss you every day. you were my world then and you helped to shape my world today. thank you. i love you.

your daughter penny

my grandfather, daddy (on right), circa spring 1980

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  1. {{{hugs}}}

    because there are no words.

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