can’t write reviews, nose/ear in book(s)

If you want me to stay away from something tell me it’s cool. But be careful, my curiosity is often stronger than Shadow’s.

It started innocently while I was standing on line at a bookstore. The woman ahead of us was with her young daughter. The little girl was happily clasping a book in her hands and the mom looked a bit bored. I think it was at the start of summer vacation time. A teenage girl was behind us holding a book (I couldn’t tell you what), a fashion magazine, and a t-shirt. Neither she nor the mom really looked (on the surface) like the sort of person who would really want to be caught dead in a book store, let alone with a book that they read. I was thrilled to see the mom buying her daughter a book and the girl ecstatic and the teen with a book on line too. Then, the mother calls over us to the teen, “I’m Team Jacob myself” and the two grin at each other and I realize the t-shirt has something to do with Twilight. E and I look at each other and shrug.

It took me years to read Harry Potter due to the hype, so you weren’t going to catch me reading these books in public.

Many friends and acquaintances had read the series and said they were surprised at a) how addicting it was and b) how fun it was to read.

Then I started hearing about Mockingjay and the Hunger Games. Good things. Interesting things.

Most recently, after reading a few articles^ comparing or at the very least, discussing, Hunger Games and Twilight I came face to face with the fact that there was a discussion about a book and I couldn’t follow it.

That didn’t sit well with me. I can’t follow a lot about pop culture, but if it involves a book, I don’t like to be left out (unless it’s a horror novel, mystery, or something by dan brown).

Thankfully NYPL has a very wonderful selection of electronic (ePub & PDF) and audio books and I didn’t need to involve anyone in order to check them out to read on my Sony ereader or to listen to on my beloved and much abused ipod. Unless I tell, few are the wiser what I read. Not that I read everything Ana

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  1. Interesting. I will admit that I read Harry Potter (book 1) in pb over a weekend after my nephew had torn through the (then) 5 book series. My reaction was similar to when I read Dune – not my thing. I don’t care what happens to these characters enough to read more. Not bad, just not gripping, personally.

    So, should I check out Hunger Games and/or Twilight?

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