adieu l’

As we wave goodbye to summer, I thought I would briefly highlight something I anticipate, enjoy, and then mourn every year:

fresh tomatoes.

No, not mine. My poor little plant was given much attention by the local wildlife and mostly neglected by me. It tried to produce and I’d get a few tiny green fruits, but then a squirrel would take them home before I got a chance for teeny tiny fried green tomatoes.

I am not upset. My herbs did spectacularly and I focused on cleaning up the front yard and figuring out what I want to do and what I can fit into my life and the different zones of my property. Growing even a very tiny portion of my own food is important to me, but I don’t want to be crazy about it. I’m very happy trying to help support local businesses. For myself, I have ideas and I’m reading lots, and preparing. Next year.

The tomatoes below are heirlooms from the Union Square Green Market. My wonderful husband photographed them. Don’t they make you hungry? The terrible photo of the cherry tomatoes does not do justice to the yumminess a very generous co-worker gifted me this morning. I’m surprised they made it home. I dumped them in my in-progress HAT to make sure there was proof she gave them to me. I don’t expect them to last past tomorrow’s breakfast. I might need a midnight snack.

What’s your favourite way to enjoy fresh tomatoes?

My absolute favourite way as a child was to pick them off a plant, wipe ’em off on my shirt, and enjoy. I think child me had it right.

Instant Hat (almost), progress

In preparation for next year (a girl can dream), what’s your favourite way to preserve tomatoes?