a gift, some help, and a CONTEST

The magnificent Miss Teabird sent me a Tiny Turkish Spindle. I forget the details as to why she spoiled me this time, but I’m thrilled. This is a spindle I can very easily put in my bag with some fibre. I’m very thankful I’m busy, but I do miss spinning. This will let me snag a few moments when I can.

The spindle is from Threads Thru Time and while it is quite pink, it is quite a bit of fun to spin on. The staff at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio oohed and aahed over it when I ran through on Tuesday to pick up more yarn for mom’s birthday gift. More on that when I finish it. ;)

Shadow loves this spindle too and since he sat somewhat still and was helpful in helping me spin, I thought he could have some photo fun even though it’s not Friday and I didn’t think I’d get any photos before October.

(click to make bigger)

tiny turkish spindle tiny turkish spindle tiny turkish spindle tiny turkish spindle tiny turkish spindle

Hey! You know what? CONTEST A silly one. You have until 11:59:59 NYC time on my birthday (31 October) to write up captions or a short little story of what’s going through Shadow’s head in this little photo story strip. It doesn’t need to be in English either if you would like practice with another language. Bonus if it’s a language I can read or have easy access to someone fluent enough to help me translate (off the top of my head I can do or have easy access to French, Hungarian, Yiddish, Hebrew, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Dutch). Your kids can write stories too. Send them in — do not post them in the comments! and I’ll chose the best one and post it here and send the winner some handmade goodies, or if they are the mindset, the materials they like best to make some handmade goodies of their own. Family can enter! All are encouraged.

What thinks you?

. . .

If I have wronged you I beg forgiveness.
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  1. I spoil you because that’s what I do.
    (Hey, Shadow: scritch…)

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