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my stainless steel measuring spoons and cupsDespite a system blowing through dumping cool weather and buckets of rain, I feel that my well of potential food topics has dried up. Each day that this topic comes around again, I put it off and struggle to write something, anything.

Ergo, today’s post.

Please do not misunderstand me, this extreme challenge is partially why I’ve doggedly kept the topic in rotation. If I succeed in surmounting this writing struggle, I believe I will return an improved writer on topics that are difficult or that perhaps I might not enjoy.

I think my largest challenge is determining what to write on. Not only do I need to write something coherent, I need to come up with a prompt for it as well. Do I post recipes I’ve cooked recently and how they turned out? Do I discuss challenges of my diet? Do I what? We don’t eat out often, so I can’t even review restaurants to make it easy like my book reviews are!

My photography skills on fibre are improving, but my results with food often turn my stomach so I’m hesitant to choose topics that would be enhanced by a photo tutorial.

Therefore I turn to you: what, on the topic of food, might you like to read about in this biweekly spot? My culinary adventures seem mundane by my standards but may be exotic to yours. What would you find interesting?

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  1. Recipies and/or diet challenges could make interesting posts – and discussions. Our default cooking styles are not so similar, so I’d like to hear more of yours.

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