oh binder clip

Little things can make a big difference in assisting you to work more efficiently and stay more organized. I hope to one day wax poetic about my love of the humble 3×5 index card and a pencil, but today is for a small item that I am rarely without, so much so that I often keep a spare on one of my key rings. What do I love? The Binder Clip. I am a fan of the mini clips (no affiliation). My simplest standard uses of this size are to keep the day’s index cards together, to attach my office keys to my clothing if I don’t have pockets, and to keep my planner and work log open to the current page.

I’ve been known to use them to alter my clothing so that it fits. For example, if the elastic in a skirt worn out and I don’t have time to mend, no problem, I just pin a fold in place with a clip! Since my uniform-of-choice consists of black skirts, I don’t need to worry about it standing out!

I’ve used them to hold fabric and template together for tracing, trimming, and sewing. I’ve held bags shut, bags open, I really don’t know all I’ve done with them. I’ve broken a few by misjudging capacity. I’ve used the super big jumbo sized ones as Ethernet cable guides on the back of a folding table.

Alton Brown uses them throughout the kitchen, I don’t cook things that require close temperature monitoring so I haven’t employed this technique, but they are useful for more than holding paper together in an office setting.

What’s your most unique use of a binder clip?

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  1. How about keeping hair out of my eyes? Or pinning up my braid?

  2. One of my favorite uses for them is to clip them along the selvage as I weave. Each time I advance the warp, I measure and move the clip. This way, I can track how long the weaving is getting. Binder clips are invaluable to me. :)

  3. i keep one in my knitting paraphernalia…(a mini)

    i use it to hold the tails of the first cast on (judy’s magic) while i cast on second sock, and work first R–then when i come back to the first sock cast on, the cast on is still snug on the needles..
    (Judy’s magic cast on will loosen if left un worked)

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