Mum brought me some Long Island potatoes last time she visited. Tonight I grilled ’em up. YUM!


Oh, how do I grill ’em? Wash, pare out big eyes, slice kinda thick (¾ inch-ish aka my thumb width), parboil until just softish, drain, toss with olive oil & salt, grill until yummy. I start skin side down when available because they’re easier to flip.

That’s it. Sorry, I’ve not had time to write more. On good days (like today) we eat real food. On bad days I make rice the rice cooker makes rice and I toss in tofu and canned veggies at the table.

It’s been crazy in a good way the past two weeks. Thank you for all your dehydrator thoughts. Hopefully I’ll reply to them in the next post, and personally before then… let’s just say there’s a solution in my kitchen that I hope to mod from eh to perfect. It’s what happens when you have geek+engineer living together and two idle soldering irons. ;)