knits spring eternal

I was recently asked about the status of several WIPs (works in progress). Right. If I haven’t mentioned them in months, I’m probably not working on them. Since this appears to be the week of lists…

E’s 30th birthday sweater: My goal right now is to touch it and work on it at least once before he turns 31. I need to rework some of my figuring with row tension and hope I don’t have to rip out anything.

Girasole: It was dumped into the storage bin of the side table in my office. I hope to work on it again soon. The rounds are at the point I need to start finding it acceptable to stop in the middle. Half a round knitted is more than no row knitted.

30 for 30 Charity Hats: Uhm… *blush* … Shadow stole some of the yarn and I threw it all into a big ziplock and it’s lost to the depths of my closet? (he did, but still, my excuses are pathetic)

brandywine: I had a beautiful spurt with this the other week and once again it was set aside for other projects. I love knitting it and do not understand why I set it aside. The fibre is pure luxury, the pattern is well written and fun, the colours are perfect, so why do I keep abandoning this for something else? If I knitted this to completion at least I could have the option of wearing it…

baby vests and baby hats 2010: No good excuse. I love the patterns but wish I could handle knitting worsted or higher more often. These knit quickly because they are baby things but not quick enough. I need to find a way to spice up this project, there’s another little one due any moment now and the others aren’t getting smaller (thankfully!)

featherweight cardigan: This sat on the nightstand until recently when it was upgraded to car knitting status. I’m not sure of the colour for me. Someone might end up super lucky with a small sized avocado cardi in the near future. I expect this to be set aside too, but I must finish it before I can start any other adult sized garments for me.

Blue Flutter: I took this to our house closing last August and I totally foo’d the PU. I tried to fix it in January but screwed it up further (what lifeline?) so it’s sitting and thinking about itself and needs to learn if it doesn’t behave next time I pick it up, I’m gifting it to Shadow.

Niles: is hibernating. The nupps on 2mm needles about killed me. I really should work on him. I’d like to get him done (or turn him to the frogs and reuse the yarn!)

Which leads to me one item that is not on the list anymore.

Pattern: Rick by CookieA in Sock Innovation
Yarn: Shibui Sock in wasabi
Needles: 2.25mm
Rav project Page
Started back in January to wear in hopes of spring, finished last week during the height of summer.

These took forever and there is no good reason as to why. The closest I have come is I thought the yarn was more semi-solid than it turned out. The other factor may be that I knitted them one at a time down to the toe decreases where I finished them together and actually kitchenered the toes. The look awesome, they fit perfect, and are definitely happy-dance socks. I surprised myself by enjoying the kitchenering. I still prefer my socks toe-up, but since my feet are so small if there is fear that I will short-change the leg in the interest of moving on to something else, I now have a good solution. I have nothing against grafting beyond I can never find one of the six trillion tapestry needles I own when I need one.

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  1. I love the colors of shibui in the skein, but i don’t like the tone-on-tone flashing/striping that occurs when you knit with it.

  2. I love the socks!

  3. The socks are a perfect match of pattern and colour — really, really lovely, Penny!

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