it’s been two weeks!

Each week seems to catch an awesome thermal, they just zoom by.

I’m reading. I’m just not yet able to publish finalized reviews of books I’ve finished in the past, er recently. I’ve probably mentioned one or two here before and it is what it is. Today I will try the following, below is a long crazy list of many of the recently completed books and short stories (that I can remember) sorted by author and with an attempt a few words in thought-dump format on each.

  • Megan Arkenberg’s “All the King’s Monsters” in Clarkesworld Magazine Issue #40
    I’m not sure why I really enjoyed this one, but I did.

  • Persuasion (Dover Thrift Editions)Persuasion
    by Jane Austen
    Heather forced me. No really, this was the latest CraftLit read and while I’m late to the Austen party, I found it a very interesting read. Thank you Heather. I think. I’m still avoiding A Connecticut Yankee but that will come in time.

  • Raw Food for Everyone: All the Essential Techniques and 300 Simple-to-Sophisticated Recipes Raw Foods for Everyone: All the Essential Techniques and 300 Simple-to-Sophisticated Recipes
    by Alissa Cohen
    I very randomly picked this up off Strand’s book proof shelf. When it’s really hot outside I want to make sure we still eat something yummy and healthy. Do be warned, you’ll definitely be wanting a dehydrator after reading all the yummy recipes, many of them require one. I made a nice twist on a standard coleslaw. I am also not staying totally true to the whole Raw philosophy when I make recipes from this (I will add dairy or even cook things) but the flavour combinations are inspiring and good for another hot summer Monday. More on this one hopefully coming up next Tuesday.

  • Amal El-Mohtar “And Their Lips Rang with the Sun” (Podcastle 111) (Rated PG)
    One interesting tale.

  • The Black Gryphon (Valdemar: Mage Wars, #1) The White Gryphon (Valdemar: Mage Wars, #2) The Silver Gryphon (Valdemar: Mage Wars, #3)Mercedes Lackey’s Mage Wars Trilogy.
    Several years ago, this was my introduction to Lackey and the Velgarth world. Over time, I definitely combined and condensed the three stories into two in my memory. It was a delight (and slight worry) to discover The White Gryphon as a surprise. I wonder why we have such difficulty remembering middle stories? (I’m sure pages are devoted to this very subject, I’ve never checked).

  • The Secret Worlds Chronicle
    by Mercedes Lackey and Steve Libbey
    This is a podcast-based audio book series. The first two books, Invasion and are available in full and the third, World Well Lost, is into part 18. Metahumans. War. Interesting.

  • Jay Lake’s Torquing Vacuum in Clarksworld Issue #41
  • Tongues of Serpents (Temeraire, #6)Tongues of Serpents
    by Naomi Novik
    This is Naomi’s most recent publication and I think I missed one. Laurence and Termaire are exiled, to Australia where things in this outback land of convicts will not be one of quiet. The story definitely felt more forced than my recollection of her earlier stories. I will rereview when I’ve read through everything again.

  • The Library at NightThe Library at Night
    by Alberto Manuel
    I wish I remember how I discovered this one. I confess that I enjoyed Manguel’s essays on Libraries as order, space, power, shadow, identity, etc, but I must admit that the pictures were my favourite part. I read most of these as we were finishing our renovations.

  • McIntosh, Will “Bridesicle” (Escape Pod 247) (Rated PG) Very fascinating. I listened while mowing the lawn Friday afternoon. Death but not death. Hitchers. Dating. I’m still thinking about this one and where science will take us..
  • Souls in the Great Machine (Greatwinter Trilogy, Book 1) The Miocene Arrow (Greatwinter Trilogy, Book 2) Eyes of the Calculor (Greatwinter Trilogy)Sean McMullen’s The Great Winter Trilogy
    I discovered this author by picking up the third in the series at Bookoff a while back due to the blurb on the back. Even though I tend to refuse to buy used series unless they start at the beginning. What caught my eye? Two words: Librarians and duel. Seriously. Cross not-steam-punk with not-yet-cyber-punk and mix in Australia. I found it highly entertaining. It began my Australian reading adventures of July 2010. I hope to read more of McMullen’s writing in the future.

  • David J Schwartz’s “The Somnambulist” (Podcastle 112) (Rated R) Again with the death that is not death. Sleepwalking and squirrels. What more might you not want? Oh yes, a diamond.

What, you expected coherency? I think that clears out most of the list. I know there are titles of interest I’ve missed, but it’s a start. I also forget if I’ve mentioned this little bookcase before. E built it into the access to this portion of the attic. It pulls out on rollers. The two up top hold Lackey, Norton, and Novik, the next to bottom is for McCaffrey’s Pern, and the bottom is for a random assortment of classics. I have sff split between the library downstairs and this upstairs case. It’s not the most efficient use of shelving, but until I figure out what this portion of our collection needs, it works.

May you have an easy and meaningful fast.

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  1. Several comments:
    1. as for Mage Wars, the local library system only *has* two of the books available, so I know I only read two of them the first time through,
    2. raw foods – broccoli slaw + Craisins is YUM!
    3. If you missed a Naomi Novik book, were there more than 3? Was there something else after China (or was that 4 or 5 itself)?

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