reads and the results

I really need to rethink how I do these book/reading posts. I need to practice writing reviews and in this current format I find I write less per book read than I did before.

Where to begin? Where to end?

I want to post quality, not mere quantity.

I’d like to group books in a series together, whenever possible.

I read a lot. Not all of it falls under what I’ve traditionally written about. I rarely mention Clarksworld or Escape Pod or Pod Castle or interesting pieces I’ve read in The New Yorker or The Economist, not to mention bits others write in these new media that I come across in my rss rambles.

I rarely write about acquisitions to our humble home library.

I feel overwhelmed right now faced by over 5,000 pages of books to review.

WordPress 3.0, my current version as of today, has simplified custom posts. I think I will work on setting that up and begin posting books and short stories as I finish and writeup the reviews. I’ll attempt to set up a separate RSS feed for them. It ties directly into other work I have on my plate so it would be nice to fix multiple to-do list items with one solution.

What will happen on alternate Mondays? I’m not sure.

Tonight a small bookcase migrated back down to my office from E’s, we laughed as we remarked how our offices are both converging on the same design with L-shaped desk and short bookcase on the right end, nearest the door. (Yes, we have been mistaken for siblings and at a few events I’ve been asked about my mother-in-law as if she were my mother. Mom doesn’t mind, though she wishes she could’ve traded me out when I was that obnoxious teenager all those years ago). To our office walls we’ve yet more shelving and we’re both still complaining about lack of shelf and closet space. I am amazed that I took a picture instead of filling this bookcases’ shelves. It’s full and there is already double shelving.

What have I acquired, cataloged, or read lately? I expect, at least in the foreseeable future, I will continue to update both my librarything (for books we own) and goodreads (for anything I’ve read) accounts. I’m a bit behind on updating goodreads, mostly due to the same deer in headlights feeling of being overwhelmed by all that I’ve read that I feel here. I had an ambitious thought that I’d catalog a shelf a day. Right. I made it through only a few programming books tonight. It’s very easy to be distracted when re-encountering old friends.