The other night, at 3am, Shadow helped us unpack a one of the remaining boxes in E’s office.

In doing so, he found his new BFF, something that breaks my heart because recently I just haven’t played with Shadow as much as I should. Cuddle time, we still get lots of. Play time? I’ve been pretty bad about it aside from leaving my office a complete wreck and seeing what he finds and wondering when I can teach him how to properly log and file receipts.

This BFF was part of a wedding gift from relatives in, you guessed it, Australia. When in the apartment, this koala lived on a bookshelf in our bedroom and mostly gathered dust. Shadow takes his new mate everywhere and it’s not uncommon for him to be on one of our pillow’s when we awake and in my office an hour later.

I’ve been making my kitten toys (in preparation) small and dainty. This has me completely rethinking what sizes to offer.

Shadow’s wrestling matches are quite fun to watch and I hope one day to capture video.

So why is his BFF left snoozing and Shadow exploring the corner? They had a really rough play session for the past 10 minutes and I think they both needed a short break and some alone time. ;)