signs of summer

Heat and Humidity aren’t the only signs of summer. Yes, it does seem that it’s suddenly hot and humid. Heat I like. This humidity? Bah. Go away.

So what are other signs of summer? The lone tomato plant I planted is still alive. The Green Markets and Farm Stands are stuffed full of yumminess. We braved the beach traffic (I am NOT one of them) to see mom and A this past Sunday and she sent us home with the true signs of Summer.

Peas (uhm.. I ate them all. Quickly. Deal. There are no photos. They were good.)


Yup. Corn. Teabird, don’t worry, I won’t make you eat any!

Shadow assisted me with prepping some for dinner the other night.

There’s another sign of summer. Meet my new superhero. And when summer ends I will still love this guy and I don’t think E will be jealous. Snow hasn’t stopped me before. (Oh how I’d welcome some now!)
Let the grilling begin!

What’s it turn into you ask?

Erhm, well, this of course.

When I last grilled seriously I was a carnivore. I know how to grill potatoes, carrots, onions, corn, peppers, garlic, mushrooms, and peaches. What are your favourite veggies to grill? Any good hints I might not know of beyond lots of aluminum foil and olive oil?

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  1. That is one empty corn cob! Yow.

  2. grilled fruit-pineapple slices, (no foil needed–its wet enough!)

    Grill peppers, and peel them–fully, or just mostly.. great to eat hot (in a hot grilled salad) or to cool, and slice into sandwiches, or to puree and add as a flavor to hummas.

    and you can slow roast hard squash too–half an acorn squash as a bowl for corn and beans,(the 3 sisters) Yum.

  3. My kids eat peas out of the shell like they’re candy. Can’t complain!

    Grilling veggies: asparagus, zucchini, eggplant. Don’t bother peeling the eggplant, just cut into rounds, brush with oil, sprinkle with sea salt, toss on. Zucchini I prefer in lengthwise slices (3-4 per, or just halved if they are small), olive oil + s&p, directly on the grill; but you can chunk ’em and cook them in a grill basket if you prefer. The asparagus I do whole (bottoms snapped) with oo,s&p, directly on the grill, PERPENDICULAR to the grates of course. Only two minutes over hot coals (covered), then try to roll them around a bit and do another 1-3 minutes depending on how done you want them. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO KEEP THE ASPARAGUS WARM or it will toughen up…better to let it sit at room temp until dinner (um…if it makes it that long).

    Of course asparagus season here is just about done, though I may have to buy some imported for this Shabbat because I didn’t get my fill yet.

  4. I was also going to add eggplant. Plus one unrelated comment: you know how it says “books. fibre. food. travel. words.” in your header? You’re missing one.


    Trust me – I’m sure Shadow will agree.

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