the artist

This morning, Shadow tried unsuccessfully to explain to us the injustice of our removing his cat grass from the living room for watering and sunlight.

I believe he tried to explain how we just didn’t understand him and his art. During these vocal protests, he stopped to drink E’s cereal milk a few times to wet his throat for the next round of debate.

I agree, it is a beautiful arc of dirt, but until he learns to either operate the vacuum (because I sure won’t) or a sweeper and dustpan, he can’t practice this creative skill at 5:30am.

He’s a bit sad now and I hope tonight when I return the planter to him I will be forgiven.

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  1. Yeah, good luck with that. I tried to teach Dusty to use the vacuum after his many unsuccessful gardening attempts this past winter. He mumbled something about him not having any thumbs, so he can’t use the vacuum. Sheesh, artists!

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