creative friends and creativity

Miss Teabird sent me the loom.
Ms PoMo GoLightly lent me some books.
My new friend, Ms Super-Generous-and-Kind sent me two belt shuttles.
Sunshinewalks just had to upload a gorgeous bag to her shop and I needed a new wallet.

Thank you.

I finished my First Weaving on the Inkle and I’ll write that up soon, but Look!. I made an awesome wrist strap for my new wallet!

Chain Pattern Strap for bag

I now get warp faced weaving. Next up? Learning pick up. I want to weave like this and also to literally weave stories. I’m very excited and energized by the new creative options for me and my stash. I have loads more to learn and I think that’s the best part! I’m hoping this time to write up some of this new journey, not as a tutorial per se, but I hope to write up some thoughts and condense some reference materials that will hopefully appear on this page in the near future.

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