chipping away

I’m still not fully used to this every other week posting. Who am I kidding, it’s 9pm on Monday night and following an after dinner trip for more cat food, kitty litter, and a new 5 burner gas grill (yes, they all fit in our small car along with E and I), I’m just not ready with the post I want to publish. I claim I prefer quality over quantity, but I still often just churn these posts out and leave them be. That’s not how I want to write.

The problem is that I now mentally think I don’t have to do anything on the off Mondays and then, well, then there’s a scramble to remember all that I read and write ups I was holding and blah blah blah. When I was younger (read: undergraduate and earlier) I procrastinated all the time.

Grad school was the first time I found the wonder of completing assignments ahead of time. That was working here until we bought the house and my work picked up. I’ve been reading and writing a ton these past weeks, just not things I’ve traditionally written about here. There may be a new home for those things soon; I’m working on that in my free time. It’s just a lot. Mostly at once. The little time I have to catch my breath I’m scrambling to do all the little things that owning a real home (opposed to an apartment) require. I’m very thankful, I just wish there was a magical device that helped me work more efficiently and sleep more too.

Yes, we’re still chipping away at the library punch list. Yesterday, moments before the skies opened in New Haven, we crammed another ektorp jennylund into the car. We may have been close to gloating when a couple with a pickup had to return their sofa because it didn’t fit. They were looking at the bed of their truck and their measurements and wondering where they went wrong as I walked by to return the cart and recycle the empty box. “Where’d you put it?” they asked, surprise on their faces because they saw our little car. I smiled and said , “in the back seat, we did this a few weeks ago”. They shook their heads in amazement. We also added a benno shelf unit for our long ignored cd/dvd collection. Last night, as we put it together E and I joked about how they seemed outdated. I made quips about needing to find my record collection. I brought records to college, not CDs (I hated cassettes). I’m excited because I discovered that a benno will hold my mass market paperbacks. I think I need to install one next to the bed. My to-read list is crowding out my alarm clock. ;)

I’m in the middle of a few series (trilogies, mostly) and I’m attempting to hold writing up all my thoughts until I’m through. It’s a fun challenge.

I finished this one a while ago and wanted to write a proper review of it. However, as a considerable amount of time has now passed, I am not positive where the notes are, emptying supposed library boxes put more stuff into my office.

Squeezed: What You Don't Know About Orange Juice (Yale Agrarian Studies Series)Squeezed: What You Don’t Know About Orange Juice
by Alissa Hamilton
1 star for book review1 star for book review1 star for book reviewno star for book reviewno star for book review

Sadly, as I sit to write this review I discovered that I misplaced the many notes I took on this book. First, for a book published by an academic press I found it quite approachable considering I have little experience in nutrition, American food history, or the agricultural history of Florida. I learned a good deal about all of these topics and found the book informative and reassuring, in that I knew I wasn’t drinking the OJ my brain wanted if I bought it at the supermarket, and probably not even if I purchased the oranges there to squeeze myself. continue reading »

If you follow my goodreads account hopefully I’ll get the next few reviews up and queued to be reposted here before, yikes, July!