just for him

Sir Shadow thinks we do everything just for him. For example, this shelf was recently added to my studio wall and the little guy has claimed half of it for himself.

his new shelf

I don’t think that’s all bad, since he figured out how to use tweet deck today and sent out some sort of secret message. If I can keep him up and off my work area, it’s all good. What do you make of it? I think he’s asking for me to come home earlier and bring more ice cream and smoked salmon. Or to put him on payroll since his computer skills keep improving and I’ve been asking for an assistant.

Shadow is also very very spoiled, even though he tries to make you believe otherwise that we ignore and neglect him for hours and days (we don’t though I have been working outside of home more than I normally do these past few weeks [thus why no post yesterday]). He has a catio already! Even if it isn’t cool and doesn’t wrap around a tree.