progress and beginnings

June appears to be a dense deadline intensive month.

brandywine progressAs reward I’m letting my knitting be Brandywine (by Rosemary Hill in a very beautiful Camelspin gifted eons ago to my by the loverly Fyberduck. It’s amazing what happens when one actually works on the project instead of just petting it.

The yarn is divine. I cannot deny I would like more. I think I’ll just continue to acquire what I can. (wishlist) Because I have no yarn. *sigh* my ability to fall hard and purchase yarn (or books) is worrisome. I guess there could be worse things to habitually spend money on…

The pattern is divine. Have you seen Romi’s latest pattern release? I’ve purchased, I’ve queued, and am waiting to finish a few projects first. Because I have no patterns in my queue to knit (206 at last count).

a startFurthermore, remember this which appeared on my doorstop last week? I started working with it. It’s awesome. It’s amazing. I’m even more bitten by the weaving bug than I was before. Now that I’m actually weaving I’m understanding better all the terms I was reading before Thank you very much Miss Teabird. I ♥ you.

I’m becoming more familiar with what I’m doing and finding it harder to take just five minutes and see what happens. My selvedges are absolutely horrid, but I”m learning. I’m really happy and I’m finding a renewed interest in my thread collection. That is a very good thing. More thread that I can clear out means I can finally change up the inspiration that I keep before me. I’ve also found a few people hand dying cotton threads and I really would like to explore how they behave in all the fibre arts I currently practice. But first I must clear out some room. I hope that soon there will be bookmarks.

A few more little ones were born in the past few weeks and I’ve received advanced notice of a few more to come. Expect more milo vests and probably a few booties and other gifts to keep me entertained. Hopefully soon this pressure of deadlines will ease and I’ll be able to scribble with slightly neater penmanship and grammar.

eta: comment blip fixed …

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