sleep building?

I think that I can now assemble Billy bookcases in my sleep. We put together 8.5 this weekend. The point-five refers not to half a bookcase, but to the five height extenders we added. We stopped looking at the instructions after the first bookcase (we’ve assembled three others in the past six months). We started to race by the third. It was lots of fun. Really. Billy bookcases tend to go together as you expect them to, unlike some other Ikea products.

I can’t believe I can now say this, I thought we’d still be working on the floor, but that went down quickly the week before:

We have a library.

Sure there’s still an extensive punch list… but wow. This room underwent the most drastic visual transformation: it was the prior owner’s bedroom. The closet was ripped out, wall paper & chair rail replaced with paint, carpet replaced with float flooring… One day we plan to repair and refinish the hardwood floors beneath, but for now, they are protected.

This is a little preview, when the room is more completed I’ll make a panorama. Books still need to be shelved and reshelved and added to librarything. Trim still needs to be painted and put into place. We need more lighting and seating.

We also need to find the time to enjoy all of the newly rediscovered books! The most common comments uttered by both E and I were, “we own this?” and “uh oh.. we’re out of space on this shelf!”

Reviews next time. I just haven’t had a chance to clean up those scribbles…

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  1. I am SO jealous! If I ever make good on my threat to take a vacation without any of them, can I come hide out in your library?

  2. I too must admit to some envy!! It looks beautiful from the photo!

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