how are they?

Curious how my tools are faring? I am too. It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’m not doing well on the balance part. Or really the plan ahead for more things part. Or the write this post last week so I have time to edit it part…

365.264 ... 20091110TRice Cooker
Used daily, or almost. (longest exception: pesach)
Love love love. ♥
It makes me breakfast, lunch, and dinner…
We rarely eat dessert so I’ve not made pudding, but I wouldn’t put it past him.
I made bread in it the other day. Gluten-free bread. It came out ok except I killed the yeast and it didn’t really rise… but I had proof of concept.
I’m really happy with this little guy and enjoy his presence on my counter top.

please visit for this photo of kitchen aid stand mixerKitchen-Aid Stand Mixer
Sadly ignored.
I miss her.
I still love her.
I just don’t have time to do more than quick cooking right now.
Reading this book may have me doing a bit more from scratch and using the freezer to store things.
What a concept, the do-ahead & freeze part.
The concept of the book rocks, the writing, needs some organizing. Full review next week.
It’s my own fault. There is this concept such as work-life-home improvement balance that I’m still working on.
The library is just awaiting bookshelves. We learned we can fit one of these into our little Mazda 3.
Those years of tetris paid off!
I hope to turn her on this week and mix something.
After I dust her.

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  1. I have mad love for my Kitchen Aid. I am jealous of the color of yours…I have white, which is fine, but that shade of blue would look SOOOO pretty in my kitchen! I may have to get mine painted!!

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