friday snuggles

Could you deny this face snuggles? Shadow is hopeful that today I will take some time to snuggle with him. He’s been improving his tech literacy in order to make sure that I do take time to snuggle with him even when I try to glue my fingers to the keyboard. The other day he discovered the power button for my monitor, and was smart enough to realize if he launched directly into my arms after shutting it off I would give him some snuggles. Last night he showed that he has been studying hard while I’ve been working, he quit firefox by employing two keystrokes: ⌘ and Q. At that I shut down the machine and played with him. He’s a smart little kitten!

Thank you for all the kind words and wonderful thoughts and comments on Wednesday’s scribbles.

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  1. Hey, girlie girl! I’d kind of dropped off the face of the planet…back now I hope. Shadow is *so utterly delicious* and is nearly identical in appearance to Mojo! See if you don’t agree:

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