cashmere… for late spring

The North East’s current cold it’s-bloody-freezing spell is probably our fault. On Sunday, we finally permanently installed a new air conditioner in the bedroom. We have central air downstairs, but the old AC had to go, and will once I get around to paying the permit at city hall. Modern AC units are both more efficient and smaller than the old one, so it wasn’t the quick process we wished.

Several months ago I bought a single skein of LB Collection Cashmere in Sprout. I thought I might knit a cowl out of it, but I need two skeins to knit the cowl I have mentally designed.

Rewind to the start of April when I was tiring of all the scarves and cowls I have to choose from and really wanting it to be spring. We had a few days of warmness here and there, but a scarf was a necessity while waiting from my morning train. One day my Aunt Betsy* uploaded a new Rav project — her Spring Scarf, knit for Black Sheep Wool Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I fell hard for the simplicity and kicked myself for not remembering that I have a history of intentionally dropping stitches in the spring and find them quite useful for helping to get the most out of a skein of yarn.

I had oral surgery a few weeks ago. I needed something to make sure I didn’t fall asleep that first day and remembered to do all the special extra care my mouth required following an extraction. I needed something that was simple enough that I probably couldn’t mess it up, something that was complicated enough I wouldn’t fall asleep or be too bored, and special enough because well, when a tooth that’s already had a considerable amount of work on it in its lifetime (filling, braces, root canal, crown lengthening, crown…) is being removed, you want to mark the occasion with something nice.

one skein spring scarf (a little acorn creation)
1 ball LB Collection Cashmere*
5 mm needles (US 8)
Finished size: 13cm w x 81cm long (5in x 32in) ((approx))
Ravelry Project Page

Cast on a number you like, I used 18.
Knit 3 garter ridges.
Next row: knit each stitch wrapping twice
Next row: knit each stitch dropping extra wrap
Repeat pattern as established above ending with 3 garter ridges

It’s a nice treat these cold grey mornings and doesn’t take up much room in my bag if it warms up for my afternoon walk home.

notes: Shadow stole a bit of the ball, I am missing around 12 yards worth. I’m saddened I didn’t calculate how much longer it would make the scarf when I had the chance. Aunt Betsy is my best childhood friend’s Aunt. I wanted an awesome knitting Aunt so I adopted her. ;)