my monkey

This morning I am convinced that we did not adopt a kitten from the local humane society but a monkey. He has taken to crawling up the screens. Alas, each time I attempt to document proof of this, he jumps down knowing that he is doing something he shouldn’t.

He also decided that Thursday afternoons are the time when he and I must snuggle and read books together. Nothing else will do. Thus yesterday’s post is still in draft scribble form. His successful method to disrupt my work is to dance on the keyboard — it’s an interesting waltz to be sure: one paw hits the power (shut down) button followed a short by later by another on the return key. Effective that.

I spoil him, and am unable to resist his Thursday evening demands for snuggles and a good book.

He is a beautiful young cat and I am thankful he allows us into his life.