please visit for this photo of kitchen aid stand mixer I sweet talked a kitchen aid to come home with me last week. It’s been about twenty years since I last had a stand mixer and I am very happy to give one a home. I made soda bread on the 17th even though I don’t like soda bread much. I made gf challah for shabbat and when it went into the oven I wasn’t sore or exhausted from mixing (my experience is you don’t really knead gf dough it’s too gooey and liquid). I’m very happy to give this cheerful bluebird a home and a chance shelter on some valuable counter top space.

What else will be in its long, happy, and healthy future? I see lots of baking and maybe even marshmallows.

Yes, I let E talk me out of a grey one. If I ever overwork this guy I think he’ll try to camouflage in with the walls… current debate is if my office or the upstairs bath provides a better match to the sleek body… well, I know where to look.

Question: Do you have any accessories for your kitchen aid? Did you try them and hate them and find them a waste of money? I’m thinking of the slicer, the bowl scraping paddle, and of course the pasta roller. Not all at once. I think the slicer & pasta have priority, but the bowl scraper looks really really cool.

eta: the mixer came with the awesome splatter guard thing. See my comment for more details on how it is changing my life probably more than the mixer. ;)

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  1. I don’t have any, but the splash guard/pouring shoot thing (not sure what its official name is) sounds really really useful, especially looking at the current state of the counter where my kitchen aid usually lives. (Stand mixer itself has been put away already for Pesach.)

    1. oh! mine came with one. i think that is almost more important than the mixer ! normally when i bake anything the only thing that isn’t covered from head to toe in flour (gluten-free or not) is the mixing bowl. it’s really nice and I only had to wipe up a small bit of rice flour that i had spilled while leveling out my measuring cup. i’m still in pesach denial. which should make the next few days pure panic mode. i only unpacked all my cookbooks last night. (since a rice cookbook won’t do us much good over pesach)

  2. Oh, I love the color–it’s nearly the same as my kitchen walls! I have a plain white Kitchen Aid, which is about 12-15 years old. My sister recently gave me the pasta roller as a gift, and one of these days (ahem, in May, when there is no more grading to do, maybe), I’ll give it a try.

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