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2010%20towel%20weave/knit - HouseWarming Towel
Lily Sugar’n Cream in Faded Denim & Ecru
4″ Hazel Rose Multiloom
3.5mm needles
finished size: approx 10.5×21 (inches)
Project Page
Started Early 2009, finished March 7 2010

Boring & Poorly written write up: I started this project shortly after I was gifted my pin loom in 2009. I wove three squares of faded denim. I let them have a go in the washer and dryer. After I brought them back in from a trip to the laundry I ignored them for months. Then we moved. Sometime in February, I unearthed them and finally seamed the three together in a row. I swapped to ecru, picked up and knitted along the long side in garter until it was about 10.5×21 (inches). The knitting was the perfect car project. I didn’t need to think at all and could chuck it down if need be. I wove in all the ends and gave it another wash and dry in the machine.

I then sent it off for a housewarming gift to a good friend. I hope it will be appreciated but I really didn’t want to hear it was happily received because *his basement flooded*! May it be a gift for nice happy warm and properly dry days ahead. I don’t want to call a drought but I don’t want to hear of any more basement issues!

I am slowly very slowly catching up on housewarming or baby gifts. Please don’t hold your breath if you are waiting for me to post something to you. Your child may graduate with her PhD or you may move three more times before I get my act together. But I haven’t forgotten. Really.