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My week. One not-kitten. One very very tired Penny. He’s great for my housekeeping skills teaching us all the places I neglect to keep tidy: top of the range hood, top of the refrigerator, under cabinets, the laundry room. We won’t talk about the state of my office, but I think we’ve finally met who will ensure I keep my things tidy if I don’t want them destroyed. His name? Shadow Ninja.

Schedule Shift Notice:
Until April 12th I will try a revised schedule to hopefully improve writing and free up a bit of time for my back-logged Work and for pesach preparation. Who knows, I might even get a chance to finally redesign and relaunch my website. The schedule is as follows:
The posts will be split over two weeks, with a kitten post every Friday.
Week one: Monday books, Wednesday fibre, Friday kitten.
Week two: Tuesday cooking, Thursday words (house, garden, travel, &c), Friday kitten.
repeat until April 12th at which point I’ll decide if I’m going to continue this revised schedule or return to daily posting.