growing up

In putting together the small collage for the 365 photo project, I was really struck by how Shadow has grown in the past few months. Sure, I know he’s heavier, bigger, and explores more (he discovered the top of the fridge this week), but wow.

20091105%20kitten -

Since he was about seven months old at adoption, I guess he’s about a year now and that means
a) I have to choose a birthday for him. Since it’s almost March we’ve already missed it. Ooops.
b) I no longer have a kitten.

*sniff* They grow up so fast.

Here’s the little squirt the other afternoon. Today I had to throw him out of my office because every time I put a tissue into the bin, he retrieved it and played with it. Also, I wanted my chair back. He’s very playful and cuddly today since E is home too because of the snow.

i%20only%20thought%20it%20was%20my%20chair -