I’m on a Ysolda bender. I want to knit everything she’s designed while I await (with extreme impatience) Miriam‘s design book.

I finished these mitts a month ago, right after Shanna’s were completed. I wore them for about two weeks until one afternoon Shadow decided to steal borrow one from my office. I found it Sunday evening and have finally taken a photo or two and decided it was time to write them up.

Garter%20Stitch%20Mitts - penny-and-eli.comGarter Stitch Mitts
by Ysolda Teague
freely available at or via ravelry
Yarn: less than one skein Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Mist (grey)
Needles: 3.75 mm (US 5)
Duration: January 16-19, 2010
Ravelry Project Page: jan 2010 mitts
Mods: none!

Thoughts: I purposely knitted these because I hate seaming. I avoid it whenever possible and I need to be better at it for the few times I do it. The first mitt, the left one, is terrible. I was lazy and rushed and figured it was just for me, so what did I care. Then I was knitting the second one at the Dentist office. They all loved them and thought me insanely clever (even though I tried to explain Ysolda is the brilliant one), and I realized that if I were to show these off to anyone at all I needed to seam them properly. So the second one is. I keep meaning to go back and reseam the first, but the yarn has slightly felted and I don’t give a darn. I will knit more of these in the future. They go quickly and beyond the seaming practice I found it good garter stitch reading practice. Why yes, it’s true. I have a hard time reading garter. I don’t know why. For added fun bonus I love the short row shaping and enjoy the magic when the bizarre looking object becomes a functional and comfy hand warmer.

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  1. Such a pretty picture!

  2. I always have to remind myself that the simple things can be lovely – like garter stitch. Love the mitts!

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