signs of improvement

I stayed awake all day today.
I cleaned out the fridge.
I’m making a menu plan.
I’m caring about what I eat, and that I eat.
I’m cooking something tonight and upon reviewing the recipe decided to improve upon the technique to make it work better for me (and the kitten who discovered the kitchen counters… and stove). You’ll hopefully, bli neder, hear more about it next Tuesday.

365.363 ... 20100217WAnd I’m happy about the little things in life that make it much better. Like cough drops … and deciding that I want a hook placed next to my office door at about a height of 79cm (39″) because I want to put my bag somewhere. And my umbrella. I don’t need them mixed in with all the coats. I need my bag to have its own special home. I’m down to (mostly) one bag that I use for all times, it’s a fabric black bag from muji, this one if you are curious. I love it.

I’m most likely going to improve further upon this small area and put a wall pocket (purchased from a staples clearance bin for $1.50, i don’t know why there were several there, I had a moment of weakness and bought three) on the side of that expedit to put files so I can decide if I need to take a briefcase or not. The bag can handle letter sized items, but not exceptionally well.

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  1. Smart idea! Glad you’re feeling better. xxx

    Also, I noticed today on Flickr that, despite my epic 365 fail, you’ve almost completed yours. Hurrah!

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