three? !!

365.355 ... 20100209TI’ve been quite negligent with updating about the progress of our various home improvement projects. I think this photo shows quite well the status of most of them.

Almost done.

We didn’t take off any expansive amounts of time to do renovations or to move. We’ve squeezed it in while attempting to keep up with everything else in our lives, namely that which helps pay the mortgages (want an apartment?). A half day here, a Friday there. It’s been slow going.

The house was move-in condition. We’re lucky in that all our work is really just to make it ours.

A considerable amount of our furniture is Ikea. This post is not about that, not really. It could just as easily be about hot dog rolls.

We recently purchased and built this cabinet. There are six boxes of kitchen stuff that are still full. (Where its all come from is a question for yet another day.)

What is perplexing us both is the bag of hinges we purchased, and that we didn’t notice this until assembly of the unit.

We have two doors to hang. Most cabinets of this type have two doors. Each door requires two hinges.

The bag contains, by design, three.