lemming in love

Curious what you can do with just one ball of Lion Brand Amazing™?

My surprising suggestion and example is this:
1 ball LB Amazing Striped Scarf

Way back in 2007, Jared Flood, a.k.a. Brooklyn Tweed knitted a striped scarf with Noro. Noro is nice and colourful, but as mohair makes me itch I’ve just watched the many scarves (on Ravelry at this point in time there are of it). I think that’s pretty amazing and when I saw this new yarn come out of Lion Brand I knew I had to try it.

It was a pretty quick knit, but it took me forever to bother with the finishing and blocking.

My modifications are few and pretty insignificant. First I cast on only 19 stitches as I was going for length and prefer my scarves on the skinny side. I used 5mm needles. I’m not sure why. I actually own a few that are bigger but that’s what I grabbed.

365.351 ... 20100205FMy thoughts?
.. on the scarf: I love this scarf despite it’s extreme colourfulness. If I wasn’t drowning in winter neck ware and wishing strongly that the snow would just STOP already I’d probably wear it all the time. The size ended up perfect for 5’1″ (on a good day) me. As this was my nighttime car knitting I do wish I had be a little more careful to hold the traveling colour looser. The scarf has a slight pull to that side, but I don’t really care.
.. on the yarn: I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed working with the single ply and seeing the colour changes. I love how it blossomed and softened upon blocking. I just gave it a short bath in some Soak and laid it on a towel to dry. The resulting fabric drapes nicely. The colours all go nicely together. Nothing is too painful for my plain eye to look at, though I know I personally couldn’t wear these combinations as anything other than an accessory.

This is a fun new yarn to add to my stash and mix things up occasionally. I could see a clapotis out of one of the colours in my future if I ever choose one. You know, to complete the whole lemming thing. (Ruby, Wildflowers, Mesa, and Arcadia all inspire me in different ways. I know, it surprises me too.)

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  1. I!
    I’ve been looking forever for something like that to showcase my scarves.
    Scarf is beautiful, too. :)

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