shadow inspecting moving boxes in the library

shadow inspecting moving boxes in the library

We now let Shadow into the library so he can look out the sliding door out the deck and watch the squirrels. One was quite bold the other day and was up near the door and Shadow forgot himself in the excitement and pounced… into the glass. Poor guy, but did I ever laugh.

The library isn’t our library room yet. It is still our unpacked box room and in need of new flooring laid, wall paper removed, and new paint room. Most of the boxes are books, but there are a few boxes of kitchen stuff. We’re a bit perplexed about how all the stuff multiplied while in boxes. I guess the darkness led to some actions that they didn’t dare do in daylight. He’s quite regular in his rounds and will be extra diligent if we move a box around and he’ll meow to let me know if he’s found something different between his rounds.

Shadow inspects these throughout the day, the good little boy that he is. Many of the boxes are open and no longer full, so he also goes into them to verify their contents. It’s rare that I see more than his tail sticking out. :)

He also inspected the upstairs/attic crawl space a week or so ago. That wasn’t fun for his humans, but he enjoyed himself. We’ve been super careful to make sure it doesn’t happen again and he’s sad and often sits outside the access door and mopes.