dreaming of spring

365.300 ... 20091216WFor me this year it means drooling over seed catalogs and looking forward to mud (seriously, next year I probably won’t be excited but I’ve missed it and we don’t have a real mud season like others do). It’s hard trying to limit myself this year to a few vegetables I definitely know I want and have some experience with. It’s been about 20 years since I last had a real garden and I want to grow it all. I’m trying to limit myself.. some lettuce, tomato, and the various herbs I’m always using. I’ve not even tried to think about all the flowers, both what the prior owner left and what I might want to put in. My hope is to have mixed food/floral beds and then my hungry stomach and eyes will both be pleased by the useful spaces.

E’s planning my seed starter and a mini greenhouse. We’re both looking forward to the warmer weather Spring should bring.

Want more? Vegetable Garden Dreams has lots of nice info. There’s so much out there it’s hard to choose.

My suggestion is to try to hook up with your local cooperative extension service (that’s mine) for education and big questions beyond the seeds.

What are you dreaming of?

(As an aside, that is sort of related, just a little, I find it more than highly amusing I wished this three years ago. I’m still waiting. Though my 1.5 y o crackberry works so you can take it if you want. If I had one of what I wish for I don’t think I’d need crackberry.)