in the trying case of problematic fibre

But first, a reminder that my thoughts on donations and tzedakah can be found over at 30for30.

How do you deal with yarn that misbehaves?

Today I’m experiencing frustration with a skein of yarn that will remain nameless. It’s gorgeous. I love the colours, I love how the dye behaves with the different fibres of the yarn. I have ideas of how it should work up.

It’s not agreeing with me today.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve knit it at various tensions with at least 10 different pattern ideas (including just stockinette or garter). Today I’m a bit of the way into a crochet project with it (oh that probably gave it away) and while I’m not completely thrilled, it works better.

Should I have just let this yarn sit in time out for a while and let it think about what it really wants to be? I have a sibling skein that I’ve had for over a year still waiting. I have other yarns that are sitting and contemplating. It’s rare that I try to force the yarn to make a quick decision. I think I am right now because I love the colours so very much and the idea behind the colour choices so very much more that I want it to work.

Am I too stubborn today?

To those of you who might say, “I give up on hooks and needles at that point, and take it over to my loom”, I beg you to please hold your tongue. I have loom lust, please help me keep those desires in check until I get a certain project launched.