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365.024 ... 20090315SSeveral different groups of my acquaintances have been discussing the issue of happily brewing loose tea lately. I admit that recently I’ve shied away from my jars of loose tea for the convenience of those little bags.

I’ve seen several ideas batted about so I pose the question to you:

What’s your preferred method for brewing small quantities of loose tea?

Thanks to Dave for nudging this to the front of my consciousness

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  1. I use a small tea pot I bought in Oxford and strain into the cup. I enjoy my moment of pretending I am back across the pond!

  2. So far, I’m still exploring my options. :) As of this evening, I am using a saucepan (!!!) to “brew” my water, and a laser cut diffuser set into a little ceramic cup. I’ve done the bag thing for years, even going so far as to making my own bags, but no more. I just do one cup in the morning and one in the evening, so the diffuser is working ok so far.

  3. I have a couple. I bought some Teefilters, those long disposable bags that don’t require sealing, and use those every so often. I also have this fancy little glass pot with a metal strainer that drops down to steep. Personally, I prefer tea balls more as art than for making tea. :)

    Still, since my standby teas mostly come in bags, I’ve not done much loose tea lately. I love a basic black, a good spicy chai, and (most of all) Tazo Passion – all of them, whether hot or cold.

  4. At home, a small tea pot with a strainer set over the cup. At work I have a small mesh strainer that I put over a cup and put a small amount of tea in. Add water to almost the top of the cup, steep, remove strainer / leaves and enjoy!

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