public safety reminder

Just a friendly reminder to be careful and attentive in the kitchen whether you’ve 30 years or 300. Allowing yourself distraction can lead to mishaps. I’m lucky that I didn’t grab the oven rack harder last night. It was only at about 400°F and I only lightly scorched the pads of two fingers.

To review:

  • Keep your knives sharp.
  • Your floor and countertops as tidy as possible of stuff, children, pets…
  • Have good pot holders that fit you and how you cook so that you don’t ignore them as I do and use whatever towel you grab as you open the oven door.

Me? I’ll be ordering some ironing board fabric to fix my lack of pot holders i’ll use problem.

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5 Replies to “public safety reminder”

  1. Ouchie! Glad it wasn’t worse.

  2. I am a mitten girl all the way. I hate flat potholders. That reminds me, I really need to find more I like and buy them, mine have gotten pretty grubby (I do wash them, but one is light colored and stained!)

  3. Ditto TheBon: I’m a Mitt Man, myself. Of course, I’m the same idiot who pushed the coffee pot across the counter…by the heating plate…while it was still ON! Yeah, those fingerprints are burned into the plate forever…
    And don’t ask about the friend who deiced to wipe up spilled grease from the bottom of the stove with a cold wet sponge, while the oven was on. That combination really does explode!

  4. Youch! a good trick is to sew some magnets into the potholders (and stick them to the oven door!) then they are hanging just were you need them.

    (i knit potholders by the dozen ever year or two.. maybe, you need some as a house warming present)

  5. Oof, I have done this myself. Within the past year, I might add. My hub also has a friend who is a competitive barbecuer and all-around smart guy, yet did the same thing…with a cast-iron skillet at 500. You are not alone!

    Oh…and another lifelong-cook friend went to the ER a couple of weeks ago due to an unfortunate mandoline incident. She wanted to finish making her pie, but her husband insisted. :)

    By the way, chilled/wet regular tea bags secured around burned fingers for half an hour or so does a great job of taking the sting out of the burn.

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