balance and breaks

a photo shoot

Shadow enjoyed the attention lavished on him by my husband.

I haven’t really allowed myself to slow down since about… May. When Shadow adopted us, he reminded me of the power of naps and play. He also reminded us how valuable it is to just spend time enjoying those you love, and that snuggles are Very Good. I’ve started to feel the effects of my constant Work recently. Cold and Grey and Snow tend to aggravate this and Shadow is helping me find the balance.

There’s an interesting talk by Stefan Sagmeister at TED on The Power of Time Off. I didn’t take any year-end time off, but will sleep in tomorrow (at least past 5:25a) and am looking to finding a better balance as the winter drags on and I continue to review seed catalogues and dream of Spring.

Sabbaticals are a concept I’ve been fascinated by but never felt I was “old enough” to be able to take one. I don’t think I am yet, but I have begun to evaluate if even a mini sabbatical would be useful and possible for me in the coming months.

Dearest Shadow, thank you my little one for the lessons you have taught us. Now will you please let us trim your claws?