resistance is futile

Over a year ago I saw this pattern and I knew I needed to knit it as a surprise for the computer engineer in my life.

I adapted the pattern by ditching the specified worsted weight and adopting a more penny-happy weight– pearl 8 cotton! I never got around to adding eyes, but that’s ok as he likes it anyway.

Resisty the Resistor
by Anna Hrachovec / Mochimochi Land
Modifications: made it penny-sized, left out eyes, tied knots in icord for feet.
Yarn: DMC Coton Perl

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  1. I love pearl cotton–its wonderful for lace (collars and cuffs!) and for book markers (its soft enough, and thing enough to actually work (vs heavier yarn that is just too thick!)

    there are some lovely book marker patterns available free on the internet–(i’ve knit a few!)

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