which is it again?

I sit unable to drum up the proper quote, all that comes to mind is Brooke’s “adding manpower to a late software project makes it later”. Could it be that adding presumed free hours to on’es day sucks away twice as many in reality?

What’s going on: I am trying to draft this post with a to-do list that grows no matter what and year-end requirements breathing down my neck. It’s not all bad. I’m thankful for the work and busy-ness and the relative health to get it all done, but it seems even with a few more hours last week, in theory, due to a holiday (not mine), I ended up with fewer hours with which to do work. It shouldn’t surprise me, but it is quite frustrating since I accomplished more while balancing my own holiday requirements a few weeks ago!

I have three wonderful books quite close to the review ready stage so you’ll have to keep checking in each week to see if I get them written! Oooh, isn’t that mean of me. I must admit I like this unintentional benefit. ;)

Mossflower (Redwall, #2) Mossflower
by Brian Jacques
1 star for book review1 star for book review1 star for book review1 star for book review1/2 star for book review

My kitten and I curled up to read this together on Shabbat (Saturday) during some very great curl up and cuddle reading weather. It was the perfect story to read curled up with rain drumming on the roof above us. Shadow was very happy that not all cats were seen as bad. He doesn’t want me to tell more in case I give it away.