(disclaimer: this post suffers from winter blahs and has not been edited for clarity, coherency, grammar, or really anything. Your best bet is to click on links and look at the pretty picture.)

A short bit ago I came home with some of the new LB Collection® Baby Alpaca in several colours, including two skeins of grey, earmarked for a Rose Red Hat by Ysolda.

I’m am very thankful that I am not allergic to alpaca. I find it warmer than cashmere, more affordable, and very very soft.

This LB Collection® Baby Alpaca is the yarn I’ve been waiting for LB to release. For one, it’s full of penny-colours, most especially the Silver Grey Heather. When I was at the Studio yesterday to pick up a few things (to be revealed soon) I was told that this yarn is Hot. They can’t keep it in stock. My Silver Grey Heather and the yummy Fawn Heather (my other favourite) just insist on following people home. I can’t blame them. I’m happy I bought a stash-worth when I could, at $5 for 146 yards, how could I not? You can also order it online if you can’t get to the Studio. I really do love this yarn and encourage you to try it.

back to my hat:

Rose Red in Grey

Rose Red by Ysolda Teague
1 ball, 146 yards of LB Collection Baby Alpaca in Silver Grey Heather
3.75mm needles
modifications: none. This is a beautiful pattern. Clearly written. Just delightful in every single way. I love it. I will knit more of these.
Rav Project Page

And how warm is this hat? I’ve spent the afternoon freezing and complaining that I couldn’t get warm. I put on some fingerless mitts. I kept my long underwear on. I put on my vest. But because I was home alone in my office I didn’t do the one thing that has me kicking myself.

About half an hour ago I put on my hat. I’ve since taken off the mitts. I’ll take the vest off shortly. I’m finally — for the first time in hours — warm.

Just like how I was nice and warm and toasty at 7am this morning while waiting on a with-windchill 17°F platform for my train.