As I work my way toward a large looming deadline, I’m grabbing for crunchy snacks to help dissipate the stress.

Mostly-plain Popcorn is my favourite, what’s yours?

(Yes, I am aware I’ve probably written on this many times before. I set this deadline on myself and despite working regularly toward it, a small mishap (I erhm… ahem… may have not used versioning control [because I wasn’t thinking] and overwritten five months worth of development. Do as I say, not as I do!), lets it threaten to zoom by. *sigh*)

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  1. My dentist chides me for this, but I chew ice almost every night. My iron levels are often low (not quite anemic most of the time), and the ice chewing is supposed to be a symptom of that. I buy my cubes (the ones from my freezer don’t taste nice nor are they small enough). I don’t drink soda, but if N. has a coke over ice, I’m like Maddie begging for a treat. Coke ice is soooo good!

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