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Pictured are a few of the yarns I’ve acquired over the past seven months^. I see a definite shift in my colour palette to lots of blues and its compliments*. I think December explains my deep lust for blues and greens. This shift began with the house hunting process and continues still today. It is seen in our paint choices and furniture. Now if I just had time to sit out and enjoy the blues and greens of nature and stash.

^ not all of it is “for me”. See time comment in the last sentence above as explanation why I continue to be patient.

*is complements the word I should use? I am semi art-ignoramous. I know of the colourwheel, but not sure how to really explain the complementary similar shades on the wheel.

(December also explains the terrible photo. Only a few more days until the days lengthen once more!)

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  1. You have shades and tints of blue. The compliment of blue is orange.

  2. Heh, and I thought *I* was the only person waiting for the shift in daylight. Personally, I prefer traveling under the cover of darkness; but, daylight has it’s benefits. :)
    Nice stash, good to see you going “brighter” with your colors. There’s hope for you yet!

  3. According to the results of Sir Google for compliment vs complement: complementary colors are those across the color wheel, while colors that go well with one another would complement, or complete, or balance, each other. So that spelling with an E.

    But I would personally choose a different word when discussing colors that go well together to avoid the implication of orange (when speaking of blue, of course).

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