blending and balance

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Shadow blends in with much of our furniture. If we can’t see him we can’t quite tell him No. He loves looking outside and we plan to make a more platforms so he can look out on the great outdoors, and hopefully just look, not join.

As I missed yesterday’s post it’s obvious I’m still working on that elusive phenomenon known as work-life balance. Yesterday’s writing is mostly drafted and I’ll hopefully post it next week, I had a string of technology issues that resulted in me deciding that if all of those things happened at once (which they did) it was the decisive sign that I must walk away and go knit. Shadow had other ideas. He decided that it meant I should snuggle with him for two hours. I didn’t really complain much about that. :)

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  1. That is a beautiful picture of the Shadow!

  2. Ditto what Beverly said, it’s a GREAT photograph! He looks so at home. And nothing wrong with 2 hour snuggles. Cats always know when to slow a human down.

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