crispy goodness

I’ve been asked by numerous friends, “Why haven’t you made kale chips?”

What a very good question.

As I continue to dig out of this food rut, on Monday evening the following occurred in my kitchen:
I washed, dried, and tore up a bunch of kale,
I tossed it with some olive oil, salt, and pepper, and
I baked it at about 250°F for thirty minutes.

Want a recipe that’s more exactly written? Just google “kale chips” and find one that fits your cooking style. My advice is this. Most recipes specify a single layer. Please follow that. One pan was slightly crowded and it took a bit longer for my chips to crisp up.


What, you want photographic evidence? You expect that there would even be this phenomenon known as leftovers which would last long enough for me to get a photo? Sorry. I would have taken a photo while they were in the oven, but my it-came-with-the-house-and-i-ain’t-getting-rid-of-it-until-it-is-long-dead-and-gone stove doesn’t have a window for photo taking opportunities.