I’d be remiss to talk about Rhinebeck without finishing one last very critical Maryland purchase I’ve never written about.

Way back there that wet and rainy and chilly muddy Sunday I bought a button from Jenniethepotter.

When I brought everything into the apartment I was excited and looking forward to sharing the beautiful button.

And then I couldn’t find it.

I looked everywhere. E helped me, because he knew the joy this Button and brought. (I spoke about it most of the way home).

We tore apart the trunk, the back seat, the couch.

We looked in my backpack numerous times.

After a week I declared it lost and assumed it was somewhere in the mud we left behind (we did leave some, honest!)

Then last night I was at the apartment doing some final clean up and painting. One task was to take apart a shelving unit that was near the coat closet but far from where I normally put stuff.

As I moved it, guess what I found.

365.257 ... 20091103T

The button.